Interview with Founding Partner Andreas Nolte “I was convinced of the enormous potential of a platform for the insurance sector ”

A lot has happened at Syncier in a short time. Since the company was founded by Allianz three years ago, it has developed considerably, from a product, employee, and management perspective. Time to take a look behind the scenes to find out how the innovative platform provider is positioning itself and what its future development might look like. A conversation with Founding Partner Andreas Nolte.

In the middle of last year, it was still relatively quiet around Syncier. But since autumn 2019, you can hear a lot about Syncier in the media. What has happened lately?

A lot has been going on here in the last few months. With Microsoft, a trusted technology partner came on board in October, contributing a great deal of expertise, particularly in the cloud area. In December, we moved to our new offices in the “Werksviertel” in Munich where we feel very much at home. With the acquisition of the two Expleo GMC Austria and Germany GmbHs in April, we were also able to win further proven experts of our insurance platform for Syncier. We now have over 200 employees from more than 30 countries with offices in Munich, Stuttgart, Hanover, Vienna, and Paris - we are very proud of this development.


There was also an exciting change in the management of Syncier. How did this decision come about?

I am still delighted that we were able to win Ralph Seitz for Syncier. Ralph is an absolute expert on our insurance platform, the ABS Enterprise Edition. He even took part in its development during his time at Allianz Germany. Ralph is also very well connected in the insurance and pensions market and perfectly understands the technical and regulatory requirements. Ralph is a real asset to our management team. We have also worked together very successfully when we used to be colleagues at Allianz. 


Allianz founded Syncier, but the company operates independently. How does it work?

Allianz has developed our insurance platform over the last ten years. There is, of course, certain proximity at the beginning. But Syncier was founded with the explicit goal to provide an open and independent insurance platform for the entire insurance industry. With Microsoft, the first trusted technology partner is already on board. Syncier stands for share economyparticipation, transparency, and above all, independence. 


A glance at the product and service portfolio reveals a broad positioning of Syncier. What is the strategy behind this business model?

Our broad portfolio of solutions enables us to provide holistic support for the digital transformation of our customers. From front-end development, API-marketplace, Kubernetes-based cloudification, data analytics, and agile support to our platform - our products and solutions are as flexible as our customers are diverse. The interaction of our products and services results in highly tailored digital solutions for each of our customers. We want our customers to be free to shape their digital future - and we support them in doing so. 


What are your long-term goals regarding the company’s future?

Our ambition is to build an industry platform, a solution from insurers for insurers. To this end, we will also consistently develop our ecosystem with additional, complementary products and services. 


Digitalization is a topic that has become an integral part of the German insurance landscape. What are future opportunities for Syncier in the insurance industry? 

The insurance industry is going through a profound transformation, not just in the wake of the current pandemic. The continuing low-interest-rate environment and new market participants require creative solutions. The pressure to digitalize is high. Syncier is rooted in the insurance industry, and together with our network, we are a reliable partner for insurers. We want to help insurers to master the challenges of digitalization. With our innovative solution portfolio, I am convinced that we are ideally positioned to deliver.


You have been involved in the development of the platform since day one. What drove you to take on this project, and what do you appreciate about your role? 

In the beginning, there was only an idea that I had developed. I was convinced of the enormous potential of a platform for the insurance sector and was quickly able to infect others with my enthusiasm. It's fascinating to see how this first idea has developed into a rapidly growing company with more than 200 employees. That said, it’s also very hard work.


The interview was conducted by Dorothee Lee.

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