One ecosystem.
Boundless possibilities.

Insurance is going digital. With our Insurance-as-a-Service solutions, you’ll keep up the pace - and come out more efficient, streamlined, and compliant than before.

Based around a core insurance system built for maximum scalability, our “open-system” product philosophy lets you combine any number of our solutions, paving the way for a comprehensive strategy. API-based architecture allows for smooth integration into your existing systems and operations.

The beating heart of this ecosystem is our cloud-based ABS Enterprise Edition: a modular and highly customizable digital insurance platform developed by industry leaders for industry professionals.

ABS Enterprise Edition

Your fully digital insurance platform for the modern experience

Upgrade your insurance services for the digital future and maximize efficiency and compliance with our modular Software-as-a-Service-platform. Our ABS Enterprise Edition (ABS EE) is a digital all-round solution for property, life, and health insurances, both commercial and private.

Efficient and affordable
ABS EE combines low initial investment with a permanent reduction of your operating costs. Automated processes leave more time for strategic priorities.

Compliant as a service
ABS EE was developed by insurers for insurers, to meet the strict regulatory requirements of the sector at any time.

Scalable and customizable
ABS EE integrates seamlessly into your existing systems and operations. Its modular design allows you to adapt functionalities to your requirements and scale as you grow.

Syncier Marketplace

Faster growth, better API management

Get quick and easy access to the best software extensions in the highly regulated insurance world. Improve your products with digital services that seamlessly integrate in your systems and scale with your applications.

In your personal customer interface, organizing and analyzing your API landscape is simple. By streamlining administrative processes and automating maintenance tasks, you’ll save valuable time your teams can invest in production instead.


Cloud Cockpit

Centralized cluster management, automated compliance

Empower your Security and DevOps teams to take full control over their Kubernetes clusters. Cloud Cockpit streamlines the management of multiple clusters and environments with a centralized platform, simplifying the deployment of applications on Kubernetes via GitOps.


By automating the monitoring of your multi-cloud setup with continuous compliance, you can identify risks in real-time, receive quick feedback on critical issues, and meet regulatory demands in your entire cloud environment.

Managed Kubernetes

Kubernetes made simple: maximize your productivity, minimize your efforts

Unlock the full potential of your cloud infrastructure by automating container operations with our multi-cloud Kubernetes-as-a-service solution.

Manage complex Kubernetes environments with an intuitive platform. Save money as you’re streamlining deployment, scaling, and administration of your applications. With compliance, regulatory demands, and technical maintenance taken care of, your developers can fully focus on their actual workloads.

Personalized support, no vendor lock-in: we’ll deal with the set-up, coach your employees, and adapt your Kubernetes environment to your IT infrastructure. Thanks to our open-source tool stack, you can choose your cloud provider freely.


Real-time data analysis for agile product development

Granary collects data in real-time, optimizing the pipeline for explorative, analytical, and predictive use cases and event-driven integration scenarios. With a graph-based data architecture made for omnichannel setups, you’ll optimize the user experience, increase conversion rates, and automate decision making.

Tried and tested components with integrated security and no vendor lock-in: our privacy-by-design principle with end-to-end encryption safeguards user data and meets the sector’s strict regulatory demands. You’ll be able to choose and change your cloud provider freely.



Thanks to its slim microservices architecture, Granary is highly scalable and easy to integrate into your system landscape. It’ll help you develop agile and cost-efficient applications.


  • Cloud data lake: data analysts use GRNRY for ad-hoc analyses and dashboards, based on integrated data

  • Feature store: data scientists use GRNRY to manage and provide data products (feature store)

  • Event data hub: data engineers use GRNRY to develop context-sensitive and event-driven apps

Motor Services

API-based automation of motor insurance processes

Standardize complex administration processes with service-oriented modules to optimize the time and money spent on each contract. Our API architecture ensures seamless integration into your existing systems.

Replace cumbersome clerical tasks with our BPMN-based cloud microservices architecture, reducing the potential for costly errors. You’ll reduce expenses and maximize productivity, leaving more time to focus on your core business.

Let's build your future, together

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