About us
Team Members

At Syncier, we craft digital solutions to make your business safer, faster, and more efficient. Uniquely positioned to optimize your operations, we combine the insurance excellence of Allianz, an established global player, with the agility of a startup company.

We bring new impulses to a sector that’s had a late start to digital transformation race. As a trusted partner for innovative solutions, we’ll help you reap the benefits of early adoption in a way that’s discrete, flexible, and affordable.

Our Management-team

Quick decisions, strong communication: Our management combines decades of insurance experience with a strategic plan for a digital future.

Harry Maack
Managing Director, CEO
Andreas Schmalhofer
Managing Director, CFO
Christoph Harsch
General Manager, COO
Michael Maier
Director Consulting and Transformation

Our Company Values

We create reliable products and services to keep our promises to customers, providing tools that help them unlock the true potential of their companies.

We default to honesty and communicate openly with each other. We’re all human and value each other’s individuality, living flat hierarchies where we share knowledge and information with transparency.

We take initiative and hold ourselves accountable for the outcomes of our decisions, always acting in the interest of our customers, colleagues, society, and the environment.

We forge strong relationships with our customers and our colleagues, built on honesty and mutual respect. We strive to deliver excellence, but we don’t cut corners or hide failures. We’re transparent if we ever fall short of our promises.

We listen to understand, not to answer. To help customers stay ahead, we don’t shoot for the obvious, but try to think out of the box to create innovative solutions with state-of-the-art technology.

Let's build your future, together

Would you like to see our services in action or find out what we can do for your company, specifically? Just drop a line to our Sales team at sales@syncier.com, for a casual chat or more information.